Trial Motorbike Introduction

An introductory lesson into the world of motorcycling with a trial motorbike

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Trial motorcycling is the basis of all two-wheeled sports. Trial sport is a cheap and ideal entry into motorsport and the perfect basis for any later orientation in motorcycling matters. You train dexterity, coordination, balance and concentration. A little courage will be of help. In this lesson you will learn the basic techniques in a safe and calm environment, so that you can then safely practice by yourself. Our introductory lesson is also an extraordinary gift, e.g. for confirmation, birthday or anniversary......

There are 14 trial motorcycles (8 x 125 and 6 x 250 TRRS and Gas Gas) and 2 experienced trainers available for you daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a prior appointment.

Children and teenagers can also use our 4 electric Oset trials: 24 inches, 20 and 16 inches. You can book the trial motorcycle introduction every hour on the hour. Everyone can manage an hour with our trainers. Later on you can easily book an additional hour with the trial motorbike on site and and ride alone. It is not a problem if different age groups take part in a training session. Everyone learns at their own pace.

In this lesson you will learn the basic techniques such as: stopping, starting, taking large and tight curves, driving uphill and downhill. You also learn to stand still in any situation. If you can already adept in all this, our trainers can help you as well. There are no upper limits! A trainer always pays off, especially since they know our 19.5 hectare site very well.

 Inclusive service per person:

  • A trial trainer for one unit (about 55 min)
  • A Trial motorcycle for one unit (about 55 min)
  • Protective gear including a helmet and Boots

Here you can check our prices

Can be booked daily (advance registration required) for all motorcycle enthusiasts from the age of 8 years.

You can always improve in the trial motorsport. All you need is joy and desire to try something new or improve your technique!

And the MOST IMPORTANT thing: It's just so much fun!


Trial daytrip: something for those who want more– on request

Intense trial training with a break and lunch in the Trialpark Salzstiegl

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With our trial trainers you will learn the right techniques and increase your skills much faster than without any guidance. After two hours of trial training you will have learned all the basic techniques. In the following third hour you can enjoy driving independently through our 19.5-hectare trial park. A great gift for every motorbike enthusiasts large and small, male and female.

Inklusiv Services per Person

  • 2 hours with a trial professional (guidance, gas/clutch/brake, stabilization/basic exercises on solid and loose ground)
  • Balance exercises, an obstacle course in different sectionsin the park, wheely, driving on inclines and forest & meadow.
  • 3 trial hours with the trial bike where 2 will be with a trainer and 1 will be for practice in the afternoon after dinner
  • Protective equipment: Trial boots, back protector, gloves, helmet, apart from that please wear sturdy pants and long-sleeved outerwear
  • A delicious meal (you have a €8 c for the restaurant in the Moasterhaus Inn)

Here you can check our prices

Or if you have a trial motorbike yourself and you only require the trainer.

Make an appointment or order a voucher as a gift at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as early as possible.

Please let us know at least a week in advance so that we can reserve a machine for you and let the trainers know.

In order to shorten your waiting time at the reception, here is our disclaimer of liability for you to fill out and print out. pdfschwarz


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