Christmas Party in the Almstuben Restaurant

Christmas package with a ski - or sledging ticket included

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A Christmas party grants everyone the opportunity to form stronger bonds. In the Almstuben restaurant you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere during a calm and relaxing dinner. For those seeking more action, we have our 2 km long sledge run. For those wishing a more calm experience, we have our nightly torch walk. The hike itself is not supervised - but we do give our best to describe the way to you. 


Cookies and a Christmas decoration!

Friday: Soup, farmer's buffet - 3 main dishes and salad

Saturday: soup, grill evening - grilled delicacies and salad

Mon to Thu: three-course menu with salad


Grab a sledge and try our 2 km long sledge run. We're sure you'll like it. You can borrow a sledge from us or bring your own. Here you can find some more information!


Nightly torch walk

A nice and relaxing walk with the warm light of the torches surrounding you.

Here are our Prices

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