Trial Short vacation trip; 3 days in 20 ha Trial Park Salzstiegl

Adventure guaranteed

Der Trial-Trainer zeigt auf der Wiese einen Willi.Der Hindernisparcours, auf dem gezielt bestimmte Techniken geübt werden können.

A special experience for all bikers who wants to change the asphalt ground with nature terrain and practise the driving skills. Trial driving not only gives you a better sense for balance but also improves your fingertips instinct for gas, brakes and clutch. Balance training, slope driving, steep slope, obstacle course as well as different challenges on difficult terrain are just some of among our training contents. 



This offer is valid from 1. may until 31. october 2020

€ 382 per adult
€ 352 per kid (8-14,99 years)

€ 238 per adult with his own Trial bike
€ 198 per kid (8-14,99 years) with his own Trial bike

excl. tourism taxes € 1,50 per person and night from 15 up to

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