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Sledging in West Styria

Sledging fun for friends and families in Salzstiegl.

We have a 2 km secured sledging track and it is perfect for families, friends and groups, companies and clubs.

What do people like about our sledging track?

  • There will be snow for sure
  • Best sledging track in the whole area
  • Varied curves and a long track
  • We also have a speed measurement
  • good humored chauffeure
  • Party in our sledging shack

Sledging and eating in our restaurant Moasterhaus for families and companies or groups.

We have a big parking lot and at the end of it there is our sledge shack and there you will get the tickets and the sledges. Our taxi will get you to the start!

TIPP: you will have more fun with warm clothes and winter shoes.

Packages with menu and buffet

Sledging with menu Monday to Thursday
perfect for families, single guests or smaller goups

Sledging for groups with buffet Friday and Saturday
for group of 10 persons and more - 2 sledge rides with a delicious styrian buffet

Sledging prices

You also can bring your own sledge and the taxi will get you to the start. It is not allowed to drive there with your own car. You have to attend the ordes the staff will give you.

Every misuse is not allowed and will get to report!

Salzstiegl Tourismus GmbH
Hirschegg 241
A-8584 Hirschegg
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Tel. +43 (0)3141 2160
Lift: 08.12.-02.04.2018
9:00 - 16:00
Rodeln: 01.12.-02.04.2018
10:00 - 21:00
Moasterhaus: 01.12.-02.04.2018
8:00 - 23:00